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Hutchison, Stephanie 2012, Work : A poetics of endurance within the viscous solo, M.A. thesis, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University.



Non-traditional Research Outputs:


2015 Emergence and transformation in digital dance environments, (Panel Discussion: Kim Vincs, John McCormick and Steph Hutchison), Does it               Matter? Composite Bodies and Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary Performing Arts Conference, Ghent, Belgium


2015 meta, solo choreography and performance, Does it Matter? Composite Bodies and Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary Performing Arts

          Conference, Ghent, Belgium


2015 Emergence, collaborative performance with John McCormick, Does it Matter? Composite Bodies and Posthuman Prototypes in Contemporary

          Performing Arts Conference, Ghent, Belgium


2015 VOX LUMEN, Deakin Motion.Lab, Federation Square, White Night Melbourne


2014 The Crack Up, Kim Vincs, Cooper’s Malthouse, Melbourne


2014 meta sound score, Steph Hutchison


2014 meta, solo choreography and performance, Metanoia Theatre, Melbourne


2014 Emergence, collaborative with John McCormich, Metanoia Theatre, Melbourne


2014Teaching a Digital Performing Agent: Artificial Neural Network and Hidden Markov Model for recognising and performing dance movement,

         (John McCormick, Kim Vincs and Steph Hutchison) International Workshop on Movement and Computing, Ircam Centre, Pompidou, Paris,



2013 WORK, solo choreography and performance, Dancehouse, Melbourne


2013 WORKtheWorkshop, practice-led research in dance and circus, Workshop – Tertiary Dance Week, Dancehouse Melbourne


2013 Sampling: Choreographic Interventions for Dance and Circus, Paper Presentations – Tertiary Dance Week, Dancehouse, Melbourne


2013 Mixed Reality Performance Lab, Gorkem Acaroglu and Deakin Motion.Lab, ArtLab Australia Council Research Project


2013 WORK: a performed paper, TDENNZA Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand


2012 WORK, solo choreography and performance, Master of Arts, Deakin University, Melbourne


2012 Con Sequence, collaboration with Simone Litchfield, Dancehouse, Melbourne


2012 WORK: A POETICS OF ENDURANCE WITHIN THE VISCOUS SOLO, A performed paper for the ‘Positive Feedback Loop: Conference for Creative

          Collaboration’, Brisbane


2012 MoCap Max, dance physical performance and stunt work for character Max for an App


2011Jemima, the Salon Series, curated by Wendy Smith and Grace Walpole, Studio 202


2011 3D: A Dance Assault in Three Dimensions, in collaboration with Megan Beckwith, No Vacancy Project Space, Federation Square, Melbourne

          Fringe Festival


2011 Good Game Spawn Point, Episode 36 (15/10/2011) “How it Works: Motion Capture”, ABC 3, Television Program


2011 Iterations, Kim Vincs John McCormick and Deakin Motion.Lab, Gasworks


2011 Performer/dancer/contributing Choreographer in Motion Capture for animated dance film by Jennifer Nikolai, New Zealand


2009 Home - AfterLife, physical performer and stunt work in motion capture, Stephen Sewell, iCinema Centre, University of New South Wales



Forthcoming Publications:


Hutchison, Steph. McCormick, John. and Vincs, Kim. meta: notes from a dancer inside a duet with an AI agent, ISEA 2015


McCormick, John, Hutchison, Steph and Vincs, Kim. Emergent behaviour: learning from an artificially intelligent performing software agent, ISEA 2015