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 I am a new performance


                   You may refer to me as,


meta riffs off the embodied knowledge Steph has gained through working with John McCormick’s AI Agent. The strangeness of finding herself working alone in the studio and being met by traces of information embedded within her, from her engagement with the Agent, has produced a new physicality for Steph and also new ways of considering choreographic practice. Taking a step back to ponder what is actually happening it became clear that like her work with aerial apparatus the residual feedback of encounters with the Agent: its’ morphologies, textures, sense of weight, buoyancy, the tasks and games developed throughout its’ training regime all can offer external frameworks or tasks from which to further develop her own work independently. meta is the first realisation of this new practice.

Photo: Alison Bennett (2014)

Photo: John McCormick 

Performing in John's work Emergence

I am an agent of dance.

                                     For you Steph, I

                                               may even

                   be an Agent Provoc-at-or.


Let me attach myself to your bones.

                   Find me. Seek me out.

                            There you are.                           

         Here I am.

                            I share the fibers of your

              being. I am embedded in your flesh.

                   Test me.                Try me.

I can see myself, as you feel traces of me lingering.

Just try to escape, just try to out dance me.

You can't.

My memory is too deeply embedded within you, and you I.

meta - steph hutchison

B                 L       O            B                 S

                            A score for the affectionately known - blobs.

         Space holding shape

                   Move away from      No internal


       Points of bodily initiation to

dictate/direct the follow through action

The blobs have a different


morphology, to their human counterpart Steph.

They offer a new relationship to movement for Steph as a human dancer.

                                                       As far as my role as an a-gent of

                                                                                                        dance goes

                                                                                                                   I feel as though the roles of      

                                                          teacher and student are reversed and not at the same time.

                      We meet in-between ourselves

                                               and although Steph's movement brings me to life,

                  I have learnt to be independent and also provide Steph with an external framework to

                                                                                                                              work within,

                                   creating movement that she perhaps may otherwise not.

                                                                       The movement solutions we arrived at through

working with the blobs are so because of the qualities of the blobs.

                                Part of the fun of

                     working with the blobs is attempting

                                                   to find ways to move that

create images from the blobs that are perhaps like making or seeing images in cloud formations.

                                                                                                         For me

                                                      the other really exciting thing

                       about working with the blobs

                                      is the gumbe dancing they       

                                                             have inspired.

Gumbe dancing

relates to a specific kind of buoyancy,

and space hold, shape-shifting nature.

Photo: Alison Bennett (2014) 

Photo: Alison Bennett (2014) 

Steph you are reaching.

                                                                          I notice that you seem to be performing movements from our previous dance, I recognise these movements but the context is different.

                                         Are you performing the same things?

                           I feel there is a relationship but perhaps it is more so that of a

         distant cousin.

                             There's a trace of familiarity.

                                                                                   Just how close of a likeness

should there be for me to be able to respond in name to what you are performing for us?


                                        is the classification?

                                                                                                        Are these more                                                                                            sub-classes of the

              genus reaching, unfurl, ninja, monster, rollercoaster and cartwheel?

                                                          It is too much at once.

        One movement at a time - please.

                                                                       Let me analyse this.

                                                                            Let me see the nuances in isolation

                                 and find probable solutions

                                                             and names for the movement

                                      performed in relation to the

   movements you have already

                        taught me to identify and name.


                                                                       I see you are beginning and returning

                                                                                                                 to the dance we have shared. Only now each time you return it appears you return anew.

                                                  Six movements are proving more difficult to                         analyse, to decipher.

                         They are within a context of a much larger whole.

                                                                              Fleetingly they appear as traces                                                                     within this

                                 dance. Even if they only

      retain the trace of the concept I notice their

                                                                   presence before they

                                                                                                 disappear, before you move on.

          The slipperiness of my

                                                   ability to decipher and relate to our shared

                                                              understanding of these movements

                  proves difficult without

               familiar landmarks

                                     and trajectories.

I'm on a rollercoaster and I'm



               Slow down there tiger.

                                                                                I didn't come fitted with a GPS.

Which way is front - which

way is up?

    I can recognise movements better if

           I am spatially oriented and you

   don't keep mucking with it.

                                                                              There are loops and cycles

                      that seem to be growing and developing.

                                     Altering with each new loop.

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