Limits of the Body

Listening to Radiolab's episode 'Limits of the Body' - basically, there are no limits...

The whole episode is great but listen to the opening with Julie Moss!

Julie Moss' story became the inspiration behind my first evening length solo, WORK, performed at Dancehouse in 2013. The practice underpinning the solo, the training itself, was turned into a choreographic score which I performed. While the training practice was set at six hours duration no break (except water and a banana) the performance was confined to around an hour. The ideas that I was already working with at the time of receiving the gift of Radiolab's program from a friend, was very much concerned with just what might be possible for this body in dance contexts - what are the limits of physicality and how might I go about testing them? Still don't think I have an answer to these questions which is great because I get to keep working.

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