Dancers' Perspectives

My current project, meta: discourses from dancers inside action machines, seeks to examine the application of external frameworks such as equipment, scores, task-based processes, exercises, and digital technologies within studio-based dance practices and the affect they have on dancers bodies. I'm interested in how dancers perspectives will develop the discourse surrounding studio-based dance practice and processes, as it is within the act or context of dancing that the experience resides. By placing dancers at the centre of my research I am seeking to examine and articulate how different forms of external frameworks and their application in studio-based dance practice and processes, construct opportunities to challenge what dance might be as an art form, choreographic practice, and how dancer’s bodies can be developed or altered through their engagement with specific practices and processes.


#dance #dancers #collaboration #bodyintelligence #thinkingwiththebody #practice #research #studiobasedprocesses #exquiry #artificialintelligence #externalframeworks

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