Streb: How to become an Extreme Action Hero

There are many artists whose work I admire but Elizabeth Streb's work is incredibly inspiring. In truth, I have travelled to New York twice in the last two years and both times my primary reason was to learn from her Pop Action Heros at their home - SLAM (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics). My deepest respect for Streb's work is her unrelenting posing of physical problems. Often they are physical problems in extreme situations where the exactitude of time, space and force of the body in motion are paramount. Her work is a challenge I long to continue to pursue (a little difficult from Melbourne) and I cannot wait to return to SLAM later this year, there is so much more...

Anyway, it is well worth spending an hour with Streb here and reading her book of the same name!

#streb #extreme #action #hero #popaction #dance #acrobatics #risk #body #bodyintelligence #research #practice #dancers #impossibletasks #externalframeworks #collaboration #physics #actionmachines

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